Tuesday, October 04, 2005

RSS feed problem solved!

Many subscribers to my podcast reported errors while downloading different episodes of "A Spoonful of Russian" podcast. iTunes, iPodder (and other feed aggregators) either didn't show some files, or had one of the dialogs (or Russian songs) linked as my episode's link.

I am not sure whose problem it was: Blogger or Feedburner. Once I removed all the extra mp3 and zip files iTunes picked the right mp3 file to show as an episode!

Good, but I don't want to give up on the idea of providing you with extra material, like Russian songs, flash cards, etc. I am looking into an alternative at the moment.

Thank you for staying 'tuned'!


FoofLemay said...

I just found your podcast! I think it is a wonderful thing that you are offering, thank you. Also, my best wishes to you and your family in regards to the recent hurricanes.

Natalia said...

fooflemay, many thanks for the encouraging words.

尼古拉 said...

Dear Natalia,

I just discovered your program last night and put it in my iPod for listening at work today. I was very impressed by both it and your daughter's intellegence and grammar. You should be very proud of yourself as you have done the right thing and raised Emily very well by staying at home and home-schooling her.

In Christ,
Deacon Nikolai

Villain said...

well i would love to see something that they listen there kind.. some kind of russian music, something like that..
gr8 job