Friday, November 18, 2005

Lesson 10 - No Lesson, but rather 'Bye for Now'...

Bought a new mic, new headphones, iMac G5 - all set up to produce 'killer shows', yet this show will be the last one before I can get settled in our house.

This is show#10 and the last one as far as my introductory lessons go. After almost 7,000 visitors to my site and close to 3,000 subscribers (at one point) I decided to take a sabbatical to re-evaluate the show and make some changes. Renovating of the house damaged by hurricane Katrina is another reason for the break.

I would like to thank all my loyal long-time listeners as well as new ones for downloading the show. I really enjoyed getting the lessons ready as well as doing the production itself. I wouldn't be able to do it without you inspiring me.

There will be no lesson today. If you sent me a comment or a question - don't worry. I will be answering all the questions via e-mail personally in the days to come. Stay subscribed to 'A Spoonful of Russian' - that way you'll be informed of all the changes.

I did include a song in this last show.

"Сердце" ('Heart')
also known as "Как много девушек хороших" ('There are so many nice girls")

Как много девушек хороших,
Как много ласковых имен,
Но лишь одно из них тревожит,
Унося покой и сон, когда влюблен.

Любовь нечаянно нагрянет,
Когда ее совсем не ждешь,
И каждый вечер сразу станет
Удивительно хорош, и ты поешь:

Сердце, тебе не хочется покоя.
Сердце, как хорошо на свете жить!
Сердце, как хорошо, что ты такое,
Спасибо, сердце, что ты умеешь так любить!


Anonymous said...

You deserve a break Natalia - thanks for all the energy you have put into your podcast.

I hope your renovations are sucessful and I eagerly await more spoonfuls of Russian in the future.



Natalia said...

Zac, thank you for your continual support! Большое спасибо и до скорой встречи!

Anonymous said...

Hello Natalia,
I studied Russian 9 years ago when I was in the Army (American). Since I got out, I haven't kept up with it and now there are cobwebs in my brain. Your podcasts are the perfect way to get my ears used to the sound of Russian again. I'm really enjoying getting back into it. Bolshoe Spaciba!


Anonymous said...

I can't believe you don't have more comments here. I listen to your show on my way to work (except Lesson 4, of course). I really enjoy you and Emily is a great helper. I hope you will be back, and that you start running some ads or something on your site so you make some $! :)

Let us know how the house is going. Sending warm thoughts,


Anonymous said...

I found your Podcast browsing through the education section and I try to learn a little of many languages, and haven't looked at Russian for the fear of how hard it looked. I really, really enjoy the Podcast and look forward to hearing more. I hope all is going well with your Home.

Thank you for your time and energy from Baghdad. I'm currently on tour here and expanding my language base.



Anonymous said...

Hi Natalia,

Thank you very much for all the effort you put into those lessons. It was very much appreciated!

I hope to hear from you again soon, you are a great teacher and I enjoyed your classes very much. We will all miss you!


Anonymous said...


Good luck with your endeavors. Thanks so much for hosting the site and podcast. I took 4 years of Russain in college, but did nothing with it when done. I was suprised to know how much I remembered and how much I wanted to learn more again. Hope to have you back at some point.


View From The Lake said...

I love your program. I got my MP3 Player only the day after thanksgiving and have uploaded CD's and removed every single song from it in favor of podcasts. Yours is one that I love.

Casey said...

Just found the site this morning (at about 4:30am EST). I have studied Russian for the last four months at the Center for International Education (ЦМО) at Moscow State University and arrived home to Florida yesterday only to find that I couldn't sleep - it's simply too quiet! I will study there through June 2006, at which point I hope to pass the Level 1 Test of Russian as a Foreign Language exam.

I am impressed with the efforts made here, and find the transcription of the audio to be an especially helpful insight. In my opinion far too many "learn Russian" sites (even professional sites) rely far too much on audio and don't stress reading at all.

Russian is a difficult language but I am in love with it!

Being a native Floridian I can sympathize with the storm problems!

Best regards, and hope everything works out for you soon.

-Кейси Хендли

Anonymous said...

I really hope you come back.

Anonymous said...

Здравствуйте Наташа. Я не учу русский но все равно слушаю ваши подкасты. :) Очень они мне нравятся особенно музыка это просто супер спасибо вам большое.
Надеюсь у вас все хорошо успехов вам.

Anonymous said...

Do you have any idea if you will be back?

And when?

Anonymous said...

I just discovered your website and podcast a few weeks ago and I'm working through the lessons! I can't wait for you to come back and give us some more. Hope your holidays are great and your family is happy and healthy!

Anonymous said...

i'm a university student from Japan.i made friends with Russian person when I studied in US. I realized that how close Russia is to Japan but don't know very well about the country,the language,and its culture.I enjoy listening to your lessons very much.I'm looking forward to hearing your next lesson ;)

Anonymous said...

One question:
Is the singer of the song Леонид Утёсов? I heard another recording of the song and the voices sounded the same.

Natalia said...

Matt, yes, it's еонид Утёсов, who sing.