Friday, November 11, 2005

Microphone trouble:(

The mic I am used to is a 'gonner'. Found out today as I was getting ready to record the audio. Not only that. I also managed to sit on my Sony headphones I use for podcast production. That's quite embarassing, although the room was totally dark and the headphones were right on the chair. Anyway, Lesson#10 is pushed to the next Saturday. Hopefully, I'll be able to aquire new mic and earphones by then.....Stay tuned.


Pat said...

i was really looking forward to have today's class :o( see you next week then!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so very much for taking the time to create this Podcast. I am a senior at the University of Wyoming and getting ready to become a graduate student in International Studies. I begin basic Russian classes in January, but you podcast has been more help than I can ever express! Listening to someone actually speak the language and having the music to help me learn the culture has been great. You can now always spot me on campus and around town walking with my ipod and repeating words outloud getting very strange looks from others, its great!

Thank you so much again,
Katie Tinsley

Luciana Fran├žois said...

Hi Natalia,

Sorry to hear about your technical problems, I hope everything turns out ok next week.

I found your podcast less than a week ago, I am still on lesson seven, so it's a good thing not to have class this week, it gives me time to catch up! ;-)

Luciana Fran├žois

Anyse Joslin said...

I am sorry that your mic went bad and then I also hope that your poor derriere did not sugger as much of a fate as your headphones. LOL

I look forward to your next lesson and I am also interested in the fee that you will be charging after that as I have suffered some serious financial setbacks in the past week or so. Since I am retired and on a ficed income along with the terrible inflation that we have here in California, I will need to know so that I can squeeze it into my budget.


Anonymous said...


so sorry that i don't know how to use this podcast, i never subscribe to anyone so i really have no idea how to join in. please help me...


Natalia said...

Sam, download iTunes software from After you install it on your computer just click on the iTunes button that you see on this site (column on the right). That's it!

Natalia said...


thanks for your feedback. I purchased a new mic and a set of headphones, so show#10 will happen. What happens after that I'll disclose on the show. Stay tuned! :))))))

Natalia Worthington

Anonymous said...

Hey Natalia--

thank you so much for this podcasts! I really enjoy it! My russian co-worker was impressed about me speeking my first very few words in russian and so I'm motivated and interisted to move on. :-)

Could you provide us with the latin characters for the russian words as well, like you did it in the first episodes? This would be awesome, becaue I find it quite hard to read the cyrillic words.

Best regards from Stuttgart (Germany),

Anonymous said...


thanks a lot for your help, it works just fine...


marietta said...

just found your podcast today and am so greatful
i have been taking a beginning russian class and this is an added bonus since we only meet once a week - look forward to more!