Monday, May 20, 2013

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Гой Ты, Русь - Сергей Есенин / Hey there, Russia

Subscribers spoke. Some of you mentioned you would enjoy listening to Russian spoken without thinking of grammar. I've been thinking of doing it for a while now. Auditory training is an integral part of any foreign language learning.

Thus, I created a dedicated playlist within my YouTube channel. I hope to fill it with masterful creations of Russian poets. 

Question: would any of the parents of young kids out there be interested in Russian fairy tale/poetry/short stories recorded by 'yours truly'? 

Finally, I am not ashamed of the audio quality. Just received my RODE Podcaster mic back from repair!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Mother-Daughter Duet (Опять Метель)

Just to change the pace a little, my daughter Emily and I are trying our hand at covering one of the most popular contemporary Russian songs originally performed by Alla Pugacheva and her daughter Kristina. Those two don't need introduction.

Thursday, May 09, 2013

Lesson 26 - Consonants [p][b] and [n][t][d]

Lesson on bilabial stop consonants [p] [b] and dental consonants [n] [t] [d]

1. Greeting by a subscriber (Thank you, Jeanette, and Happy Birthday!) - Спасибо! С днём рождения!

2. Recommendation of recording apps

- Voice Record Pro (for iOS)
- Hi-Q mp3 Voice Recorder (for Android)

Another way - Google voice 209-980-RUSS (209-980-7877)

BIG thanks to all who show their support by:

- purchasing authentic Russian food at also via a banner

3. Lesson - bilabial stop consonants [p] [b] and dental consonants [n] [t] [d]

Twitter @russianspoonful

You can also leave a voicemail by dialing 209-980-RUSS (209-980-7877) and I will play your recording on the air and will try my best to answer

p.s. my apologies again for the sub-par sound. IPad's mic produces uneven sound even with a slight deviation from it. Can't wait till I get a Mac!

p.p.s. I also appreciate your rating of the podcast in iTunes:)

To all my Russian friends: "С Днём Победы!"