Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Lesson 21 - Russian Cursive (Letters "У,Ф,Х,Ц,Ч")

Today you will learn how to write Russian Cursive letters "У,Ф,Х,Ц,Ч" .

(updated on November 25, 2009)

To answer Chris' question about forming a cursive 'ф' in the middle of a word I made a little demonstration vid.


Chris said...


Thanks for this video! I have one question though: when Ф is written in lowercase in the middle of a word, is the vertical stroke still written first, or the loops?

Natalia said...

Chris, thanks for a great question. I made a little vid to demonstrate the forming of the letter in question.

Chris said...

Natalia, thanks for the video, that clears everything up!