Thursday, May 09, 2013

Lesson 26 - Consonants [p][b] and [n][t][d]

Lesson on bilabial stop consonants [p] [b] and dental consonants [n] [t] [d]

1. Greeting by a subscriber (Thank you, Jeanette, and Happy Birthday!) - Спасибо! С днём рождения!

2. Recommendation of recording apps

- Voice Record Pro (for iOS)
- Hi-Q mp3 Voice Recorder (for Android)

Another way - Google voice 209-980-RUSS (209-980-7877)

BIG thanks to all who show their support by:

- purchasing authentic Russian food at also via a banner

3. Lesson - bilabial stop consonants [p] [b] and dental consonants [n] [t] [d]

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You can also leave a voicemail by dialing 209-980-RUSS (209-980-7877) and I will play your recording on the air and will try my best to answer

p.s. my apologies again for the sub-par sound. IPad's mic produces uneven sound even with a slight deviation from it. Can't wait till I get a Mac!

p.p.s. I also appreciate your rating of the podcast in iTunes:)

To all my Russian friends: "С Днём Победы!"


Egypt said...

Good Luck

Natalia Worthington said...

Thank you (Спасибо!)