Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Bad Cold Took me Down (Я простудилась).

Yes, I know, this bunny looks like he broke his leg, and the photo is not related to common cold. But he looks so cute:) Просто милашка!

Thank so much for checking up on me and asking for more 'spoonfuls' of Russian:) I got so many e-mails I decided to post on my blog. Next episode is coming out very soon, so stay tuned.....

I want to share a cold remedy that was sent to me by one of my listeners, Michelle.

"For that nasty cold:

Take "Emergen-C" vitamin C fizzy drink daily. I would also recommend making a morning smoothie with 30 grams of whey protein (I like the "biochem" brand) 1 packet of Emergen-C and a piece of fruit (I use a banana). You can add Echinacea or any other little tincture you like to the smoothie. (I make mine with a Gatorade base, for the electrolytes.)"

Спасибо, Michelle, and спасибо to all who wished me 'Выздоравливай'!


Kristy said...

Zdrastvytye Natalia!
I hope you are already feeling better. Just a note to tell you I really love your blog and podcasts. I hope one day I will be able to speak Russian fluently.

I have been communicating with a Russian friend via email and chat ... often he signed off "my милашка" ... I noticed you used the word here ... I have checked the online dictionary and can't find the word in it. Will you kindly explain what it means? I assume the meaning has to do with little. Thanks in advance.

And keep the "urok" coming!

Ps, I can't type in Russian with this computer. My Macpro is coming and I can't wait to start practising and recording.

Natalia said...

Kristy, hey. Thanks for the comment. Congrats on your new MacBook Pro. You'll LOVE it!

Oh, and 'МИЛАШКА' simply means 'cutie' ;)

Kristy said...

spasibo for explaining.

Now I learn a new word. :)

What is a good dictionary for new learner like me? Is there an all round English-Russian dictionary that helps learners to improve Russian grammar and writing ... like the Colins Cobuild English Dictionary?

By the way, I emailed you yesterday. I hope you can read it and give me some of your two cents worth, when you have some time, on learning Russian and English (for my friend). I have two little girls and a day (and night) job as an illustrator so I understand how busy you as a mother gets.

Anyway ... пока, до сообщаться между собой снова (right?). :)

Natalia said...

Kristy, as far as dictionaries go, there are so many good ones that are online now. The dictionary of Smirnitski is the one I'd use:

p.s. I did not receive the e-mail from you:(

Anonymous said...

No Russian cold remedy would be complete without some reference to vodka (or vodichka if you like).

My favorite (!) was vodka with milk and pepper. Not that I tried it but it sounded exotic. There was also the one about soaking towels in vodka and wrapping them around your ankles.


Imajica said...

New listener, hoping to understand the Night Watch movies without subtitles! Then move on to reading the books without needing to wait for pesky English translations!

Best cold remedy in the world is this rather nice little drink:
Whisky (some) - the better the whisky, the faster the cure. Talisker is good, Laphroaig better. Peaty ones seem to work best (you can tell I've experimented!).
Honey (1 teaspoon)
Lemon Juice (less than the whisky)
Cinnamon sugar (to taste)
Hot water (top up the mug)

Best drunk just before retiring for the night. I guarantee a good night's sleep!

People think I'm mad - I have your podcast on whilst I'm jogging so they get the odd Russian word thrown at them as I pass!