Thursday, February 15, 2007

Lesson 18 - Russian Cursive (Letters "З,И")

Добрый день, мои дорогие слушатели ( Hello, my dear listeners)! Welcome to 'A Spoonful of Russian' , where we learn Russian one bite at a time. Добро пожаловать ( Welcome)!

(Samir's audio message)

I thank all the listeners who stuck with the show since the beginning and welcome the newcomers. I appreciate all the mail that you send my way. Questions, comments, suggestion and even criticism....I read them all and try to reply as time allows. We've covered a lot of ground already, and there's more to come!

And now, for the lesson.

(Please follow the video for this lesson. Just click on the title of the blog entry.)

Letter 'З' is represented by word 'Зонтик' (Umbrella)
Letter 'И' is represented by word 'Иголки' (Pins)
Letter 'Й' is represented by word 'Йод' (Iodine)


Lisa said...

Hi really love your work here.

I downloaded lesson 14 MP3 a week or so back and put it on my MP3 player, but only neded up listening to it yesterday. Really was pleased with it so I'll definitely keep downloading, though I don't think I'll be interested in the videocasts since I'm much more interested in being able to understand spoken Russian.

Really like your slow speed of speaking -- it's really helpful, and the repeats (even though the Russian American accent is a bit harder than the Aussie one :)

What motivates you to do this podcast? Would it be more motivating if people were able to donate to your site? Or do you already get community funding to produce these?

Natalia said...

Lisa, hi.

Thank you for your comment. My main motivation for producing my podcast is the responces I get from people, who got something out of my lessons. I love reading the many e-mails I get each day. It makes me smile and gives fuel to go on making the podcasts.

I do not have any community funding. I had an offer to place commercials into my show, but declined it. I'd like to keep my podcast commercial-free for now. Donations are always welcome.