Sunday, February 11, 2007

Help with iTunes for our Windows users?


So, from what I gather, since "A Spoonful of Russian" is classified as an audio podcast, the latest .mov files will show up as part of this podcast in iTunes, but not on your iPod. They will be synced with your iPod under 'VIDEOS -->MOVIES'.


Got an e-mail from one of the listeners needing help in transferring my .mov files to his iPod.

Quote: "Natalia: I’m sorry about being so much trouble; but am having a problem with the cursive lessons. I can’t get them to load to my iPod. I am hoping one of your other listeners will be able to assist me. Suggestions?


Dan's running Windows XP and has iTunes. If anyone could help, post a comment to this blog entry!


Anonymous said...

If you right click on the lesson and look at the options, there should be a "convert for iPod" selection. Then it will show the progress in iTunes whilst it is converting.

Anonymous said...

If you right click on the lesson and "convert for iPod", BUT it will NOT keep the file in the Podcast of your iTunes, it will create a Movie folder inside of the iTunes folder on My Music.(My Documents\My Music\iTunes\iTunes Music), after synchronization go to "Video" on your iPod, you will find the Lesson files on the "Movies" folder ready to play.

i hope this helps

warning: if you replace the video files(.mov) on the podcast "Spoonful of Russian" folder for the ones you just convert(.m4v), they will not show up in the iTunes anymore, trust me, i did it because i wanted the files together with the podcast and it didn't work.


Robin said...

If you have "Quicktime Pro" you can open the ".mov" file and then export it as an ".mp4" file which will work just fine. You do not need "Quicktime" just any programe that will convert from ".mov" to ".mp4".

Hope that helps.