Friday, December 22, 2006

Help - Which Mic to Get?

I wrote a special Christmas edition of "A Spoonful of Russian" and trying to record it now. My current mic (Samson C01U) is acting up and giving me the same problems as last time. (Remember the poor sound quality?)

I decided to go out and get a new mic. Any suggestion as to which USB mic to get would be much appreciated!


Matt said...

Just get a headset which plugs into the microphone input. I just want to wish you Merry Christmas anyway! Bye!

Dustin said...

m-audio makes the snoball, which i have yet to hear, but could be a great option.

of course, nothing beats a good SM7... but that is not usb.

vix said...

I'm using a Logitech USB Headset (model #A-0356A), and I'm extremely pleased with the audio quality.