Monday, November 06, 2006

Just a little bit longer....

Summer break is over, and the wonderful Autumn days are here. We are loving it here in Charlotte. The colors of the leaves are breathtaking! But I am still unable to set up my recording studio like I'd like to. It looks like I'll be able to do so in the next 2 weeks though. So, stay tuned!

Many thanks to all those who send me e-mails, 'bugging' me about coming back.


yoann said...

Привет Наталия!
Thank you for giving us some news!
I hope you are now well settled in Charlotte, and that you new residence/jobs/schools are great.
How was your trip to Russia?
Looking forward to getting the next episode of your wonderful podcast...
Yoann, from France

Nocturnei said...

Glad to hear some news from you Наталия! Надеюсь, что у вас все хорошо.
How was Russia?
I look forward to the next podcast,
Vanessa (Canada)

Anonymous said...

We bug you because we love you. :-)
No pressure though...

lemoda said...

Dear Natalia,

Thank you for doing this wonderful job.
I have posted links to your blog and podcast on my classroom website.
I am a French teacher from France but teaching in Istanbul, Turkey. I have lived in Greensboro NC for 3 years but now I am team teaching Russian with my friend and colleague Irina to 11 turkish students as an activity for 1 period per week.
Our objective is to make them love the Russian language and discover other cultures. I have discovered last week your website and podcasts. You have made my job so easy by posting songs and other material. Thanks a lot. You are an inspiration to all creative teachers.
Kolay Gelsin (Take it easy in Turkish)


Lucy & Morgan said...

We love you, Natalia!

Lucy & Morgan

Students at Milton Academy

Anonymous said...

it's good to know that you are getting things back together again, especially after all you have been through.
What tenacity!
You may take the girl out of Russia, but you can't take Russia out of the girl!
Best wishes to you and your family.


Anonymous said...

I discovered your blogger just two days ago, and it´s a very important tool in my self-learning russian process, but I was afraid about the time gap. Now I know you are " safe and sound" .

By the way, I also have got a five years old girl called Julia.

Waiting for listening you soon !


Anonymous said...

I discovered you just a week ago, but it has become a very important tool in my self-learning russian language. I was worried about the time gap, but it is good to know about you are back again !

PD : I also have got a girl called Julia, she is five.


Jory-san said...

thanks for your podcast. i used to speak russian (10 years ago) and am looking forward to get back some of it!

Anonymous said...

I was pleased to here that you are getting settled in Charlotte and setting up your studio. I just visited the city a week ago and the weather was beautiful. The surrounding countryside was very scenic. It didn't feel like a large city at all. I can't wait until your back in production. My wife and I visited Russia and adopted a son. The language is beautiful and I would like to give him the opportunity to learn his native language. A "spoonful" is just enough to not get discourgaged and keep with it. Thanks for your well designed show.

doug, richmond, va said...

Dobre Vyecher, Natalia!

Long (since the first episodes) listener, first time commenter. I'm glad to hear you're finally getting settled in - i hope the wait for new podcasts will be worth it!

I've been taking Russian in college for a year and a half, and i've learned a lot, but regretfully I must stop my formal foreign language education at the end of this semester. I'll definately be looking forward to the new podcasts to keep me involved - studying on my own can be so difficult. I'm also trying to go to St. Petersburg next summer, so I gotta keep up with my Russian!!!

Hope to hear the new podcast soon!!! BTW: Charlotte is an awesome city. My mom lives there - lots of stuff going on all the time, events, tons of restaurants, but keep away from downtown on Halloween (it's a bit wierd!).