Thursday, February 09, 2006

'A Spoonful of Russian' is back!

This is just a short note to those of my listeners, who read my blog, informing them of my come back. Please, fire up your iTunes or any other RSS aggregator of your choice this weekend to get your next 'Spoonful of Russian!' During this transition period I'll be storing my files on my dot mac space.

You can subscribe to it by visiting



Anonymous said...

Welcome back!

Are you back in your home?


Rachel said...

I just found your podcast on iTunes. It's wonderful!
I have a fascination with languages, I taught myself French, I have taken Spanish at school for three years now, and I am starting to learn Russian. And I've only just turned 15!
My good friend Olya moved to the US when she was 6 years old, and she speaks both Russian and English. I'd like to become fluent in Russian so her and I can speak with one another.

Thank you for your podcast, it's improving my pronounciation and my very limited vocabulary!

Rachel, a young linguist.

Bill said...

Сказово! Чудесно! Рад ето слышать!!

Leslea said...

Wonderful, Natalia! :)

Shriram said...

Otlichno! Superb Podcast! Keep up the great work.

jon said...


I enjoy your podcast. Welcome back!!

I have been learning Russian from the Pimsleur Russian language series and have found their pronunciations to be a bit different from yours. I suspect it's simply matter of dialect but it does cause me a little bit of difficulty. (I'm sure you can understand this, since you live in New Orleans -- accents in the Southern part of America are VERY different from the North). Can you tell me what region of Russia you are from?

An idea for a future podcast -- could you give examples of different pronunciations of common words so we can begin to learn about regional Russian accents?

Natalia said...

Jon, I am from the Central region of Russian Federation. Don't really have any accent as far as my Russian speech is concerned. Living in the South of the US should not alter ones Russian, only English. Note to self: listen to Pimsleur.

Matthew said...

Dear Natalia ,
It would be really cool if you could put up a Frappr map on your site from:

... so that you can see where all your listeners come from.

Anonymous said...

i just subscribed to your podcast via iTunes, but i'm addicted already! this is a wonderful podcast. thank you for taking the time to teach us Russian! You rock!

Anonymous said...

Здравствуйте, мисс Наталия

Thank you so much for your blog and podcast. I currently live in Melbourne Australia and am doing my last subject to become a Charted Accountant (my exam is in 20 days). To celebrate the end of all this study I am going to Russia, Mongolia and China (in 35 days – but who’s counting) Given all the study I have just enough time to study a little bit of conversational Russian (hopefully enough to order food) and I can do that in the car on my way to work, thanks to you!

Your efforts with these podcast are fantastic! O, thanks to your whole family who form such a key part of it aswell.

До свидания


Once I workout how to record and send my voice I’ll send you my homework.

Anonymous said...

Hope you are fine, it is a great work this russian course,

let us know you are fine and when you will be back

Eric said...

Natalia! Great podcast. Its helping me grow so much more that a word? oh well. Keep up the great work!

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the podcasts. Since my wife has just had a baby I can no longer attend Russian classes here in Liverpool, England.
But I can listen to your lessons on my ipod as I work around the house and in the car.
You,re a star!


PS Have you seen the film 'A Letter to Brezhnev'?

Michelle said...


Great podcast and blogspot! I'm a 17 year old Scottish girl, thinking about studying Russian for the first time when I go to university, so with your help I can get a head start!

Once again, great site and keep up the good work! Good luck with your new house, hope everything goes well for you.

- Michelle

jennie said...

I've recently found you podcast on itunes and wanted to thank you for your wonderful podcast.
Thank you!

Raul Sapora said...

I just found your podcast on the web. Great!!! I really love it! I studied russian at high school (almost 23 years ago) and I always wanted to refresh it. I only remember alphabet and some other things. Thank You !

Llama Guitara said...

I am a 13 year old boy from devon, england. I Play the balalaika and recently met 2 folk music experts from jaroslavl, and i only wish i had found your podcast sooner! It's Brilliant! Good luck with the house...


Dan from NYC said...

Natalia - Thanks for your site and work. Menya vavot Daniel Ivanich, I studied Russian a little in college. I had two great teachers one was Natalia Gergorivna Gruzdeva (sp? sorry) She was very nice and on exchange from your mother Russia. She taught us to learn from singing old songs like "Schde, Tolka Ochen schde". The other lady, a babysuka from then Leningrad who went through the war. I am saving your episodes and study them when I can. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I just listened to a handful of podcasts on my mp3 player and I was impressed with the quality of the sound of the recording, the structure of the podcast and the very annunciated and appealing voice of the speakers. You made this so perfect.
I also love the Russian folk music. More please.
Spaciba, I am your lifetime listener and student from here on.

Salem, OR