Friday, November 04, 2005

Rapid growth of the Podcast

Can you see that little red icon that looks like a bowl full of red caviar with the spoon sticking out? That's our podcast. We made it to the front page of iTunes podcast directory. On the top '100' list we are #40 or so....The number of listeners of this show more than doubled. Last week we had 600+ subscribers, now there are over 1200!

Gotta get back to putting the finishing touches on my next Lesson#9. Stay tuned.....


Woosang said...

And thanks to Itunes, I discovered your lessons yesterday. (26th January) Thanks for the great lessons. I am catching up soon!

Anonymous said...

Hope you'll be back soon. It's a great help as I try to learn some Russian in order to get to know a friend from Minsk, Belarus.
Ken Litton
St. Louis, MO