Monday, August 22, 2005

Getting Ready for Podcasting

Today, while listening to one of the Russia-related podcasts, I started entertaining an idea of creating my own podcast. Seems like I got all the tools, the only ingredient needed is the content. That will be revealed in the Pilot Episode soon. Although you can probably guess judging by the BLOG title.

Now, for the podcast's artwork.....I thought it would be great to represent it with an image symbolic of Russia.

There are many symbols of Russia: Vodka, Ballet, and Matryoshkas (nestling dolls) just to name a few. Can you name more? I personally, enjoy caviar (every true Russian does:)

I didn't have to look for the artwork long. I happened to have one on my hard drive. I photographed it at my home studio about a year ago.


Marty Murphy said...

Dobrae utra Natalia,

I am so very happy to find you back on your website. I am relieved to hear you and your family are ok physically. I hope your home is ok too. I have been flying around this weekend at SWA and wondering about you. Now I know. I am also glad to hear Houma is in good shape because I know some folks there and I was wondering how they were doing. I don't have a way to record my voice yet but I will work on that. Take care and be care going into N.O.


Mac alias Uri said...

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healy said...

spaceeva !

Thank you,

byte !

Wahoo said...

Thank you so much for your Russian classes which are so useful and interesting! I am French,living in the South-Western part of France (near Bordeaux). This year, I am learning Russian for beginners with the kind help of several Russian ladies living in our town. This is a real challenge for us all (we are about 20 learners), but so rewarding ! May I ask you the favour to set a link of your blog in my own blog ? My blog is I have already set your link to check whether I was able to enter links.If you mind, I apologize for doing so and will erase the link.

Let me tell you how sorry I am for the hurricane. I wish you and your family the best for this New Year.

Steve said...

I very recently found your site. It's superb! I've looked for Russian language resoures for almost 12 months and this is one of the best. I visited an orphanage and stayed with the children for a week in April this year. I had some Russian lessons prior to the trip but since returning I have a passionfor the language and the people especially the children and their teachers/helpers.
Your blog/podcast is going to be so helpfull.
God Bless you


Anonymous said...


My name is Marquise

I love your show

I love the song that goes with the Happy Birthday episode.

I've been researching Universities in Russia...If you've ever heard of Universities (in Russia) that teach in English I'd like to hear about them.


my e-mail:

Anonymous said...

I've recently been subscribing to your blog and enjoying it very much. My wife of 4 years (plus) is from Novosibirsk. In the beginning she was able to help me with my Russian, but with her school and the kids she hasn't had much time.
Best Wishes to you and your family!

Tracy, Olga, Natalya (7) and Katya (3)
Birminham, Alabama

Anonymous said...

Hi! You can call me KitFisto21. I'm Brazilian, and here everyone just thinks of learning English, so learning Russian is pretty hard in here. I found your podcast in iTunes but couldn't find the first lessons, so I entered in your site. It's great by the way, so I'll olnly download the lessons from here 'cause I can also se the grammar. Congratulations for the podcast, I'm loving it! You also have a beutiful family.
Keep going this way, I wish you and your family the best!

P.S. Natalia is a very common name here in Brazil, but we write Nat

Anonymous said...

This is Aylin from Turkey. I just found your podcast when I decided to learn Russian lang by myself. Everybody said it's almost impossible w/out a russian teacher around. Well, lucky me I found you! I just love ur lessons and as ur daughter involved, makes this more amazing!

Not a suprise that ur the most popular pocast!!! thanks

Aylin from Turkey

Azo said...

So grateful i found this site. It looks very helpful. I think i'll learn many things here in the upcoming future, so thanks a lot.