Saturday, September 17, 2005

Vacation Note

Click on the title "Vacation Note" to hear my message. I have a few photos to go with my audio note. All of them were taken in Texas outside Tyler.

I can't waith to get back to work on the next "A Spoonful of Russian" lesson!


Brendan said...

Hello, my name is Brendan. I might be going to Russia for a year next year and I GREATLY appreciate this! Thanks so much for making it!

Lindsey said...


I'm a second year Russian studies student at a very small college in upstate NY, and I really love what you're doing with the Podcasts. Keep it up!


Anonymous said...

Great photos. Liking the podcast. I know some Ukrainian, and I'm hoping it won't confuse me. But so far, so good.

Tim said...

Hi Natalia,
I am an Oklahoma native and have recently moved to West Texas. Being from Oklahoma, I have worked hard to stay away from the "okie" accent and have done pretty well.
I too have visited Tyler and I hope you enjoyed your time there!