Saturday, September 03, 2005

Lesson 2 - Saying 'Goodbye'

How do you say 'Goodbye' in Russian? This show teaches you a couple of ways to do that. As you listen, the images below will help you visually.

- Пока, Эмили.
- Пока, мам.

- До свидания, Эмили.
- До свидания, папа.

Sorry for the quality of the show's audio. Was out of town, and recording was made on my notebook. I am hoping that I'll have all my usual gear unharmed (by hurricane Katrina) when I go back to New Orleans, La. on Monday.


Marty said...

(Excuse the double posting but I posted this last night on the wrong date, aug 21st,if that makes sense):

Dobrae utra Natalia,

I am so very happy to find you back on your website. I am relieved to hear you and your family are ok physically. I hope your home is ok too. I have been flying around the country with my job this weekend and I wondering about you. Now I know. I am also glad to hear Houma is in good shape because I know some folks there and I was wondering how they were doing. I don't have a way to record my voice yet but I will work on that. Take care and be carefull going into N.O.


Natalia said...

Privet, Marty! Thanks (Spaseeba) for thinking of us. We are so rich when it comes to friends! Listeners like you make my show happen!


p.s. Can't wait for your recordings

Luciana François said...

Hi Natalia!

My name is Luciana, I am from Rio de Janeiro. I started learning Russian a couple of months ago and I am really loving it! Yesterday I was googling around and I found your podcast. I listened to the first three lessons on my way to work and I really enjoyed them! Your podcast is fun and very interesting. Just want to let you know that you have one more student in your class now!

Congratulations on the excellent podcast!


Anonymous said...

I'm so happy to have found your website I had the same thought that there was som many sites to learn russin yet there was no interaction or no sound so It was boring after a while but thanks to yu I can listen to how a russian actually speaks the russian words instead of me hoplessly trying to pronounce them myself but anyways I haven't found out how to record anything so BYE!