Wednesday, January 04, 2006

BBC interviews Natalia

Hi, everyone. Добрый день. This is just a short note to let you know I haven't forgotten about my listeners and "A Spoonful of Russian' podcast will be coming back! I also wanted to share with you an interview I recently gave to a BBC reporter and producer April Peavey. It aired today, January 4th, 2006. It was a pleasure and honor to work with April.

The interview is a co-production of the BBC World Service, PRI and WGBH Boston.


Anonymous said...

I am so excited to hear this! Looking forward to your return to the "airwaves."



Anonymous said...

I had just started looking for podcasts two days ago and found yours last night. My father's family left Kiev during the early 1900s, so I've been wanting to learn Russian. This news - of the planned return and that you've gained media notice - is wonderful to hear. Good luck with getting your home back in order!

Anonymous said...

Когда умирают кони - дышат,
Когда умирают травы - сохнут,
Когда умирают солнца - они гаснут,
Когда умирают люди - поют песни.

Thanks for songs, so beutiful...

Anonymous said...

Woo! It's good to see that your podcasts will return, Miss Natalia. I can only imagine that even more people will join the podcast due to the media coverage.

(For a small life story) I began my interest in the Russian language earlier this year, with the introduction of a small Russian club at my high school. (Nothing ever happens in my town, so somehow this made the front of the local newspaper :P) I continued my interest in Russian, and I received a "Russian Course" book for Christmas (pretty strange gift for a teenager, huh?). The book provides me with grammar and basic vocabulary, but your podcast is also very helpful since I can actually hear the words, as well as see them, all while learning some new vocab, plus the songs are all enjoyable as well. I also figured out how to type in Russian as well: До свидания, Мисс Наталья!

~Lokes said...

Natalia, I love the podcast. Its been a great help in learning rudamentary words and phrases. I've been dating a girl from Azerbaijan for the last few months and thought it a great opportunity to take up a new language.
I've found the Russian culture fits my personality well, and I've grown quite fond of it.(smile) What opinion do you have of 'Rosetta Stone' the language software? Also, here is a link that may be helpful to some of your listeners. You can create flashcards, study, and play matching games.
I have found it quite helpful. Here is a link to an excellent online translator.

Anonymous said...

Please start the show back soon. It's really good!!

Anonymous said...

Emily and Julia,
I love your LSU hats! I miss you girls so much! I am really glad that i have an i-pod now and can listen to your podcast. I hope you are doing well!! love you lots, Ali

Natalia said...

Great to hear from you, Ali! We miss seeing you at the 'W' residence;)

olli g. said...

Dear Natalia, thank you for this quality podcast. I learned Russian for 6 years in school but have not used it till then. Your podcast is a great opportunity and help to brush up my skills and get the tounge rolling the Russian way again :-)

Thanks for your dedication and time, I appreciate it very much

Kind regards from Germany


Anonymous said...

Welcome back Natalia. I live in the UK and have started to learn Russian. Your podcasts have been very helpful. Keep up the excellent work as its a big help to those of us who can't even roll an r (yet)